Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Monday, April 3, 2017

More things to do

My channel on youtube, vidme, twitter and my blog here are going to have a lot of fishing videos because it's easier for me to have more content for videos because there's only so much I can do on the camping videos .I'm still going to be posting that type of stuff but it's summer and that's what I like to do. So if you're interested in bushcraft and fishing thin I have more ways to get the latest content to you and you can follow any of these ways to view and chat about the future of this blog. I also have a go fund me page that I hope that you will check out this will help me out with better ways to make this happen. I have had a heart attack and stroke two years ago and I am not able to work if I could I would be able to get the gear that I need to make great videos for youtube and the blog. Like I said I'mnot going to get the most expensive, just things that are going to do what I need. This is a wireless mic and a camcorder that has the right connection .but for now I have a good camera and I will be making more videos on YouTube and vidme for the time being. You can find me on Twitter @funtime outdoors. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon

Sunday, February 12, 2017

sorry i haven't posted in a while iv been doing a lot of camping I'll get back on it as soon as possible

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Fatwood cut to fit your survival kit and complete fire starting devices for sale.

If you're interested in bushcraft thin you are in luck. I have been looking for a beginner website to sale bushcraft gear. If you are interested email me at

Pocket drone

I decided that I'm going to learn how to fly a pocket drone. The first one is a very good way of learning how to fly. It has guards for the props. After I am able to fly this one, the same company makes a upgrade to a drone with a camera on it that is first person video for your smartphone. I think that this will be nice to have in a bug out bag. It comes with a way to charge the battery and the controller ls the case for the drone. I'll be able to send it out above the trees and see what's going on around me. So I will be making some videos of it soon. I put a link at the bottom of the page if you are interested in a drone for yourself check it out, it's cool.